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Icy Evade - New Game

2008-06-20 20:24:08 by xdragonx10

Hey, I just released my new game "Icy Evade"


Tell me what you think of it :)


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2008-06-20 22:11:40

Omg best game I ever played, thanks for benefitting my life by creating this incredible game which is unlike any game I've ever seen before in my entire life ever.


2008-06-23 21:16:37

Very awesome game man!


2008-06-23 21:19:07

I think I'll add it to my site later. ^.^


2009-02-01 19:51:41

eh id say its pretty good. not too bad. but you could make the invulnerabilty last a bit longer.

id give it a 4/5 8/10

the reason i give high scores is i watch 1 of the fff's movie

watch this one they made: circle and rectangle you should have seen it get the best award since the king of the portal: THE TURD( as a side note the movie is all you see in the first mille sec)


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